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About Us Development Mission
In 2005, we began to develop welding system solutions for surface -installed component assembly (SMT) and through -hole plug -in process (DIP). The development of welding equipment we launched has made us have a deeper understanding of the process technology in the field of electronic manufacturing, and our response capabilities have greatly improved. But this did not change our original intention of listening to the user's voice, our unremitting pursuit of innovation, and our integrity principles for our business.  
In 2008, based on the urgent needs of customers for the ThT -Pole Intersection Process Automation Solution, we successfully developed an automatic plug -in machine for high -density plug -in operations in the solution of precision assembly processes. Once launched, we have received a lot of customers' unanimous admiration. Today we are absolute leaders in this field. Thanks to these voices that have promoted us to grow up. The habit of listening to the user's voice has been rewarded, which also lays the good habits that we will unswervingly listen to the user's voice.  
In 2016, the demands of electronic manufacturing on quality traceability are becoming more and more intense. We keenly listened to the market call and began to develop laser coding equipment used for process traceability. These equipment is now widely accepted by most electronic manufacturing companies. We pushed every new product or solution to the market and deeply considered the interests of our customers. This can save a lot of time, money and energy for our customers. And all the products we have launched can provide a convincing return on investment. This fact can be confirmed through our significant business growth and absolute leadership's global market share.  
For 17 years, we have been famous for its excellent engineering design, advanced technological innovation capabilities and first -class service purpose. Many well -known industry awards and honors have become part of the history of the company, proving that we have the extraordinary capabilities of development and development to enhance productivity tools. We cherish the recognition of the industry in the industry.  
Now, our technology or solutions have affected all aspects of human production and life, covering various assembly and manufacturing production processes from the fields of lighting, medical, consumption, entertainment, communications to aerospace, automobiles, industry and other fields. So far, our products or solutions have benefited from 33 countries and regions around the world, and are committed to providing the most innovative solutions for the field of electronic manufacturing, and providing a wider world -class technical solution and services for continuous growth market demand. Our unremitting pursuit.  
Today, we continue to implement the unique policy of continuous product innovation that makes us distinctive and make us fame. We incorporate this long -verified product concept into every product, service and business relationship -to support our eternal original intention of "innovation -driven leading intelligent manufacturing".  
         We are Techwin -Technical leaders of the design and manufacturing precision automation solution in the field of electronic manufacturing.  

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