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We are committed to contributing to the greener future through the process and practice of the environmental responsibility for the environment and the industry and regulatory standards. We are still trying to strengthen and increase our corporate responsibility for the sustainable development of the earth.  
We are the organization that has been certified by the international certification system ISO9001: 2015. The focus is on the quality of the whole company's process when providing products and services. We focus on ensuring that our operations, products and services have the least impact on the environment. We follow and cultivate a corporate culture and acknowledge the importance of being committed to environmental protection.  

  Waste recovery and treatment  
We follow the settlement of electronic waste in a standardized way. We also seek to reduce electronic waste by continuing to reuse and extend the service life of electronic products with demanded performance, or change and upgrade equipment to improve energy efficiency.  
All products of our products are printed with environmentally friendly ink, and all paper is renewable paper. This is to reduce the environmental impact of human activities on the green environment.  
In the early days of development, our products have deeply implanted green environmental protection and energy efficiency management into the product concept, and all raw materials procurement strictly follows the basis of this concept. In the process of manufacturing, we try to generate lower material loss, lower energy consumption and emissions, and 100%of the pursuit of all parts components in the scrap process as valuable scrap recovery.  
  Harmful Substance  
, Prop65, etc., to minimize our use of harmful/toxic materials. We hope to shape the enterprise into a benchmark model for zero -hazardous waste. Although we do not produce any hazardous waste, we do use the items of very individual hazardous materials contained in the finished product. We promise to continue to follow the correct treatment, labels, reuse, disposal, and remote our employees.  
We are committed to following the requirements of the correct label and disposal around the world. Both glue and paint and other chemical containers are labeling appropriately. The environmental protection department of the Chinese government has long supervised our environmental protection practices for a long time and believes that we are one of the benchmark companies in the friendly environment.  
We require all suppliers of potential dangerous substances for our production process to describe the contents of the substances they provide and outlined their safety prevention measures. We also provide employees with predictive protection of any dangerous materials on the spot. To ensure that employees within the scope of labor law protection understand the chemicals and other substances they may be exposed to at work.  
  Cherish electricity and energy  
We give priority to supporting the supplier of mining of electricity and energy concepts into our supply chain system. In the long run, in exploring the issue of greenhouse gas emission reduction practice, various technical attempts that are conducive to saving energy are made. To increase the percentage of renewable energy in our solution.  
We will give strong support for customers such as large -scale clean energy production enterprises, such as solar photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, and handling of high -quality material. contribute.  

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