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P300 Series Laser Marking Machine
  • P300 Series Laser Marking Machine
  • P300 Series Laser Marking Machine
P300 Series Laser Marking Machine

  • Features
  • Parametric
High Precision Hardware Design
Firm, Safe & Stable Operation

The busy production system needs to pay more attention to the coordinated and stable operation of various processes. Our robust hardware design fully considers various elements required to ensure stable operation, such as . environmental resistance, productivity efficiency, frequency, safety mechanism and preventive maintenance, so as to ensure your long-term investment income, It is also protecting our long- standing quality reputation.

Efficient Dust Collection & Filtration System
Clean Process Space

It is the responsibility of enterprises to create a greener and environmentally friendly future for the earth and a healthier professional environment for people. In the working process of laser, a small amount of smoke and dust, fine particles, peculiar smell gas and other unfriendly factors to human body and environment will be produced. You can greatly reduce this disadvantage and ensure the cleanliness of the process space through an efficient active collection and filtration system.

More Personalized Customization Requirements
Wider Applicability
► Double track operation system
► Oversized scope of work
► Multi station rotary platform
► Special automation solutions
► Personalized application software scheme

Whether plug and play expansion integration, various standard docking ports, or personalized customized automation applications, our scalable automation module can provide comprehensive solutions to solve various problems you encounter in the real process. From a single function laser marking equipment to a comprehensive automatic field solution.

Independent Innovation Application Software

While maintaining the advanced nature and compatibility, the characteristics of the integrated intelligence of the equipment have extended to the equipment platform, which is related to the process control and traceability of the whole process before and after the process. How to make devices work smarter is a priority for software. Our strong engineering team, Has been deeply engaged in the field of electronic manufacturing for many years, has a deep understanding of your urgent needs for quality control, and can provide you with a comprehensive process traceability application software scheme, so as to ensure the efficiency and qualification rate of your itelligent production line and bring better cost-effectiveness.

Application Software
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