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W Series Laser Welding System
  • W Series Laser Welding System
  • W Series Laser Welding System
W Series Laser Welding System

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If you are looking for a perfect alternative welding solution to protect sensitive thermal components from high temperature welding, W series laser welding system will be your best choice. It has a convincing breakthrough contribution to the common process problems such as poor soldering, empty solder, bridge, false solder, solder ball, damage to thermal elements, as well as the needs of irregular parts and non-contact welding. It can easily match your solder ball, solder paste and tin wire welding, precision metal structural parts process requirements.

► Stable welding quality performance helps manufacturers provide overall yield
► Facing different welding processes, provides free welding space in X / Y / Z three-axis dimension
► Reliable non-contact precision welding to eliminate stress damage, thermal shock and electrostatic threat
► Coaxial CCD visual programmable definition of work area
► Meet RoHS 2.0, No halogen, heavy metal and other industry compliance requirements
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