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THT Through Hole Insertion Process SMT Surface Mount Process Equipment Financing Rental Application Software Solution
THT is a through -hole installation technology (abbreviation of Through Hole Technology). Install the plug -in component on the side of the PCB, and welded the welded device pins to the other side of the PCB through the welding of the peak welding (or the tiny paste is printed in the hole to insert the component of the component), so that it is the PCB copper copper copper The foil circuit realizes a reliable connection to achieve circuit channels. In most complicated circuit design such as high -power mechanical stress on product anti -mechanical stress, circuits containing high -power devices, and multi -layer circuit boards, it is still widely used in the technology process Program. For example, family digital audio -visual equipment, power supply, and automotive, military, medical, aerospace electronics and other fields are still widely used in this high -reliability process. Techwin's leading THT -hole plug -in installation process solution has gone through the 17 -year test of the market and is one of the few full -process solution providers in the industry.  

THT Through Hole Inserting Process flow  
Horizontal component plug-in -> Vertical component plug-in -> Special-shaped component plug-in -> Pre-furnace AOI inspection -> Wave soldering -> Post-furnace solder joint AOI inspection and repair -> Function test -> Process finished product packaging
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