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Techwin New year Message 2022

Publisher: Administrator Date:2022-01-03


When the year is over, the cloud is twilight, and things increase. On behalf of more than 200 Techwin people, I would like to express the highest respect and the most beautiful to all colleagues in the electronics manufacturing industry. bless. I wish everyone a prosperous year of the tiger and a great show!

Inheriting the rising momentum of China's land toward the clouds and showing Weixi, carrying the torrent of the Chinese nation's awakening lion's roar and sailing the four seas. Under the background of the era of precise support from national industrial policies and vigorous development of industry demand, Techwin ushered in a brand new year for the company in 2022. For 17 years, we have been silently determined to provide the best and most reliable AI plug-in solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. The year 2021 just passed is a year of ups and downs in the electronics manufacturing industry. The industry has endured severe challenges such as poor global economic and trade exchanges and shortages in the chip component industry under the influence of the epidemic. Under the influence of such a complex situation in the manufacturing industry, We have still achieved impressive performance growth, and we know that this achievement is inseparable from the care and support of leaders and friends from all walks of life in the industry. Here, I would like to thank the friends from all walks of life who have supported and long-term concerned about the development of Techwin. It is your support that has made Techwin today.

Looking back on the past, we are chasing the light; looking forward to the future, the youth of the industry is still burning. Traveling thousands of miles, returning to the dream. Holding the trust and expectation of countless customers in our hands, in the future, we will uphold Yue Zhi Yuan Ting, the still water flowing deep, and the humble and humble to shepherd ourselves. With the aim of not forgetting the original intention, we will carry out the tenet of quality first. Efforts to contribute to the promotion of domestic equipment manufacturing to go abroad to contribute our due strength.

Once again, I wish all colleagues in the industry: Chunxuan Bingmao, Tang Di Tongxin; the performance is like a rainbow, and it will reach a new level!
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