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Tickle Switch Insert Machine
  • Tickle Switch Insert Machine
  • Tickle Switch Insert Machine
Tickle Switch Insert Machine


  • Features
  • Parametric
▶ Driven by XY servo motor, it realizes high automation and can complete the preparation for normal production within 10 minutes
▶ 0°- 360° freely programmable insertion angle (the incrementis 10,and the rotation angle has no effect on the insertion rate)
▶ Insertion rate up to 3.3 per second (1 contact per stroke)
▶ The lower cutter is clamped synchronously during insertion to avoid float
▶ Support standard package feeding and bulk vibrator bowl feeding schemes
▶ Flexible and diverse PCB transmission directions (support left to right, right to left, in / out on the same side as SSIO)
▶ The lower support tool with pin inspection function is configured to effectively monitor the insertion quality
▶ Real time strength monitoring to ensure 100% high- quality insertion (maximum strength and strength and distance monitoring)
▶ High precision vision system for PCB deviation correction
▶ Provide easy programming and intuitive software operation interface
▶ PCB thickness tolerance compensation algorithm
▶ Provide modular options for industrial 4.0 connectable process hosts to achieve full traceability
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