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Nitrogen reflow soldering Define Nitro series
  • Nitrogen reflow soldering Define Nitro series
  • Nitrogen reflow soldering Define Nitro series
Nitrogen reflow soldering Define Nitro series

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Reflow soldering system for diversified and customized SMT processes your SMT workshop facing the simultaneous production of on-board control systems, intelligent electronic products, medical, military and other products including various sensitive electronic components and complex process requirements, as well as various reliability tests of customers? Don't worry, we have customized solutions that can meet all your process needs.
Define Nitro Series
New nitrogen reflow soldering system
System selection
Reflow soldering by nitrogen system   Various high reliability processes

In the soldering process, the reliable connection of electronic components and pads depends on the thermal treatment of solder paste by reflow soldering. Among all kinds of poor soldering, solder wettability, oxidation of sensitive components and improvement of void rate are common problems in SMT process.

Nitrogen shielded soldering technology can significantly improve wettabiliy, reduce void rate, eliminate oxidation and effectively improve the reliablit of solder joints.
Low nitrogen consumption

We fully consider all relevant process parameters. For example,when the components are in different temperature curve stages, the heating faced by the solder paste and the oxidation degree of the components are different, so we can design the nitrogen supply in different areas to create a more economical nitrogen solution for you.

High air tightness structure

Define nitro series furnace is made of stainless steel and adopts a variety of air tightness treatment processes to ensure that the structural tightness of the furnace is not affected by high temperature.

Uniform thermal conductivity and excellent thermal management

Uniform heat conduction performance is the most important realization basis of an excellent reflow soldering system, and it is also a prerequisite to meet the different process requirements of various complex products. Define Nitro series reflow soldering system is equipped with ultra-high thermal conductivity ( \) It can prevent the loss of heat energy caused by the participation of conduction medium, greatly improve the balance of temperature distribution, make the components heated completely and evenly, and provide necessary conditions for the best welding effect. At the same time, the outstanding thermal energy management technology of define nitro can ensure that the temperature in the temperature zone is not disturbed by the adjacent temperature zone, the uniform heating and stable gas flow rate of each component, prevent the shadow effect and monument phenomenon in the welding process, and ensure the best welding effect.

Define nitro is equipped with a special rectifier board, which can ensure that the air flow evenly passes through the PCB board to convey the heat required for welding. Through accurate gas guidance and recyclable hydrodynamics design, the residual flux volatiles in the exhaust in the highly airtight furnace are intensively filtered and recycled to ensure the clean and efficient operation of the furnace.

Soft temperature carve

The gentle temperature rise slope helps to reduce the thermal shock of components, improving the activity of solder paste, and ensuring the solderability of components and PCB solder joints, so as to obtain the minimum △ T and achieve the best welding effect.

Flexible transport systems

For busy and compact production tasks, a reliable transmission system is particularly important to ensure efficiency. This requires not only safe transmission to meet the process continuity, but also flexible personalized dual track transmission scheme to meet the parallel production of different products, so as to realize high flexible production process.
ldeal Choice
Deal with Mass Production of Products

Energy saving, high process flexibility and high relibility - the new vision series reflow system effectively solves a series of problems such as environmental protection, energy consumption, system flexibility and so on. With years of technical precipitation in the thermal field, Techwin has created a new vision series reflow welding system. This solution integrates the advantages of ultra-low energy consumption, ultra- high combination flexibility, high reliability and easy maintenance, making your production process more flexible, stable and efficient, avoiding more energy consumption and significantly reducing production costs.

With excellent thermal insulation material protection, the external heat radiation is minimized, so as to reduce the impact on the ambient temperature and reduce the energy consumption of the whole process space.
UItra low energy consumption
Industry leading energy-saving solutions

Vision Series reflow soldering system follows the design concept of high efficiency and energy saving. Each process section such as preheating zone, high temperature zone and cooling zone adopts the same temperature zone width, which is convenient for modular configuration and deployment of process temperature. There is a reasonable spacing between adjacent processes to ensure that adjacent sections are not disturbed by each other.
Closed loop linear heating algorithm

Reflow soldering system is an energy consumption step in SMT process. Duing the whole process, how to reduce the impact on the power supply system should be considerated carefully. Vision Series reflow soldering adopts linear heating scheme and full closed-loop algorithm control, which greatly reduces the starting power, reduces the impact of power grid, ensures the stability of system power supply, and greatly reduces the system energy consumption.

Variable frequency air flow control

Vision series reflow soldering is equipped with a fan drive system with flexible frequency adjustment. According to the requirements of the process window, you can calmly match the adjustable wind speed in each temperature zone, and even the adjustable gas flow rate at the top and bottom of the same temperature zone to ensure uniform and stable air flow.

Efficient and easy maintenance flux management
clean residue solution

Due to the participation of solder paste and other chemicals in the SMT process, there must be residues that may contaminate the products must be produced during soldering process. Removing these hidden dangers from the process will help to prevent process pollution and ensure the clean and efficient operation of the equipment.
Strong cooling system
3-4 C1 S stress free cooling

Excellent cooling system is the last guarantee to obtain the best welding effect. In order to obtain softer and faster cooling temperature for components, it is necessary to provide differentiated cooling system solutions for different processes.

Vision reflow soldering system provides a variety of optional cooling system schemes to support various personalized production process requirements. The cooling and condensing circulation system with water cooling medium and the standard air cooling solution with adjustable air resistance can meet the welding requirements of most products. You can also choose to expand the cooling unit and customize the through-hole reflow welding process system with a temperature difference of more than 90℃.
Innovative software
Intuitive and easy operating interface

Friendly man-machine interface is a user experience that a precision process equipment must have. Zhonghexu's powerful software development team has developed an independent and special software system for the system.

Through the clear main interface, you can easily operate all instructions and view all equipment operation information, process parameters and statistical data.
► Modular interface design, intuitive and transparent parameters
► The collection bar function can easily store different process parameters.
► Chinese and English dual language support.
► Process program management supporting offline programming (option).
Machine view The equipment view can
clearly present the modular structure of the system, the current operation status and the status of each process zones.
Status bar Red, green and yellow in the status bar, and different color marks can provide you with system working mode information.
Alarm record and notepad This information column provides a clear overview of information, which can be viewed, traced and downloaded at any time.
Dynamic simulation The running state of the system and the real-time process of products in the system manufacturing process can be dynamically simulated and displayed to provide more intuitive operation guidance for the operator.
Data display zones The display zones can provide the actual data detected by all systems, such as temperature, wind speed, chain speed, etc.
Function options The function option can define the actual number of working temperature zones of the machine according to the number of temperature zones required by the process, so as to save the operation cost of the system.
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