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Cookie notification and cookie consent explanation  
Cookie is an indispensable part of modern websites. Most of the personalized and social media on the website rely on cookies in one or the other.  

However, they can be used in a way that is not conducive to visitors, and they are usually used to track people on the Internet and build a very valuable personal data for brands and advertisers for targeted marketing.  

This is usually regarded as   Violation of privacyBecause Cookie is a very quiet technology -this may happen to you, but you do not realize, or if you are willing, you can stop it.  

In order to help you know more about this activity and let you have a say to whether it allows it to occur, the European Union has formulated new privacy legislation within 2011. This has been called Cookie.  

The Cookie law requires a clear and detailed information about how to use Cookie, and provide you with a way to show whether you want to allow such use. The law requires the website to respect your will. This may mean that they will stop the cookies you don't like, or they will not let you access the website -but you should be able to choose.  

Some websites will allow you to choose which types of cookies that allow or prevent, but in some cases, if you do this, you may not be able to use or view the entire website.  

If the website you visit does not provide you with enough information or choice, and the company with the website is located in areas with Cookie's legal constraints, then it may be illegal and you can take action on the owner.  

This website aims to help people better understand what Cookie is and how to use them in different websites. You can use it to find your favorite website, and soon you will be able to search for information about specific cookies to understand their use.  
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