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Axial MA series
  • Axial MA series
  • Axial MA series
Axial MA series


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Efficient & Reliable Transmission System

Because of the fragile component pins, you need high- precision transmission components to ensure that they will not deform during transmission. Our high- precision transmission system can still ensure that the component pins will not deform under the efficiency of up to 0.15 seconds / piece, so . as to bring the highest continuous process reliability.

Various Jumper Diameters Supply Scheme
Ultimate Insertion Range

Huge feeder capacity, wide compatibility and impressive flexibility ensure your wise value investment choice. The production capacity of HA/MA series can be improved by more than three kinds of on-line jumper options at the same time.

Independent Integrated Control Unit
Stable & Reliable System Output

The extraordinary precision and comprehensive intelligent characteristics of all precision machinery need excellent . control units to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the system. The system integration unit based on multi-core processing technology configured by Techwin for high performance can meet any needs of your insert process, and can also perfectly match more intelligent options to improve process capabillity and achieve more excellent insert performance.

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