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Axial HA series
  • Axial HA series
  • Axial HA series
Axial HA series


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Groundbreaking 360° Rotating Platform More Flexible Process Window

With the optional new free rotation platform, you can easily realize the process requirements of 360° insert at any angle, greatly reducing the process bottleneck and manual intervention. This innovative structure makes HA / MA series the most adaptable Axial insert machine in the industry.

Unique 45° Forming Tool Holder
Extremely Low Tension Range

The stress caused by the mechanical movement of the component pin forming tool will have a certain impact on the internal structure of the component. Techwin's unique 45° V-shaped forming cutter significantly improves the cutting resistance of the tool, controls the tensile interference within a very small influence range, and ensures the reliability of the process.

New Generation Intelligent Feeder
More Intensive & Efficient

The new developed intelligent modular feeder covers a more intensive area, but it still realizes the ultra-high speed capacity of 28000 paints / hour. Calmly realize the high- efficiency production under the condition of the highest level of area. You can also expand up to 80 stations to meet the process needs in the future.

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