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Radial MR series
  • Radial MR series
  • Radial MR series
Radial MR series


  • Features
  • Parametric
High Adaptability
Excellent Process Capability

The HR 1 MR series insert system, which integrates high- density operation and composite insert process technology, can significantly improve your process ability. The customizable multi span combination option, as well as the original 90。bending and lying down element mechanism, combined with the technical innovation such as the detachable lower cutter base, improve the flexibility and adaptability of the insertion process to a new level.

Intelligent Rail Transmission System
More Efficient

The new intelligent rail transmission system is no longer a simple mechanical PCB stop device, but a program to transmit PCB in time according to the production status to reduce the waiting time. You can also choose an off-line programming system to reduce the line change time and improve the operation efficiency of the process.

Resistance Mechanical Stress Controllable
More Stable

The firm and elegant structural design can easily overcome the torque generated by high-speed movement and the stability interference caused by mechanical stress, calmly deal with the efficient operation rhythm of the production line, and maintain lasting and new operation stability.


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