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Radial HR series
  • Radial HR series
  • Radial HR series
Radial HR series


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High Productivity Faster Speed

With the actual insertion speed (UPH) of 0.22 seconds / piece (up to the best state) for RH series and 0.26 seconds / piece (up to the best state) for MR series, it is easy to raise the balance of process . efficiency before and after the production line to a new level. Its best performance of 300ppm (up to) insertion defect rate is to improve the equipment utilization rate and system productivity to an unprecedented level.

High Precision Fixed Vision System
Extraordinary Accuracy Deviation Correction Ability

PCB manufacturing deviation is a common phenomenon that puzzles the yield of insertion process for a long time. Techwin's whole series of insertion systems are equipped with high- precision fixed camera vision system, which can correct PCB manufacturing deviation in real time and effectively improve the yield of insertion process. The well- designed fixed position of the camera ensures the field of view to the greatest extent and effectively covers the operation range of PCB insertion with the largest size.

Friendly Dual Operation Interface Distribution
More Convenient Operability

Thanks to the friendly intelligent software operating system, HR/MR series is equipped with front and rear dual operation interfaces and operation handles. Multi core processing supports enhanced touch screen graphical user interface, which brings the ultimate user experience. You can also select human-machine communication module according to the needs of process management to realize a more intelligent equipment management system.


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