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Radial K series
  • Radial K series
  • Radial K series
Radial K series

DIP production line is facing difficulties in human recruitment, rising employee welfare and increasingly stringent customer quality requirements. It is not wise to adopt a large number of human costs. You need automation equipment that is easier to manage, more efficient and more reliable to solve your problems. Hansong intelligent has carefully designed an efficient and stable best plug-in solution for you to ensure that all the requirements of your through-hole insertion process are met, and help you be more handy when dealing with the production requirements of different customers.

  • Features
  • Parametric
K Series Auto High Speed Insertion Machine
▼ High insertion accuracy Optimal   insertion rate of 99.997%

The high-precision visual coordinate positioning system calculates the best plug- in position through the position identification of all holes (2 holes or 3 holes) at the insertion position, and makes algorithm correction to assist the precision mechanical pin pin positioning system to realize stable plug-in implantation.

▼ High precision, excellent stability   Continuous operation shaft repetition accuracy up to 0.01mm

From the machine base, head base and parts to the material station, the integrated casting process and special stress resistance process are adopted in a wide range to ensure the overall reliability, cooperate with high-precision machining components, and realize the more lasting and stable operation of the equipment.

▼ High efficiency production   High- speed plug-in with 0.144s / point

Through the component feeder material used up automatic inspection function,timely replenishment of materials to meet high efficiency production.Material station is designed in a separable way with multiple modes can be selected to replace materials in the production preparation stage (materials installation ) and production line replacement, so as to increase the use efficiency.

▼ Highly integrated system   Servo control main wire configuration

With fault self diagnosis, the error point can be accurately located in the man- machine interface, which is convenient for maintenance; The electrical circuit is simple and easy to understand, and the parameter adjustment of the main control interface is direct and clear; With strong anti-interference ability and high transmission accuracy, it is easy to realize after-sales remote control assistance.

▼ High adaptability   Easy realization of automatic feeding, ultra-high density inserting and 90 degree bending lead insertion

New pin paper cutting mechanism with pin shaping to reduce material consumption; Equipped with full-automatic material replenishment and recovery function to automatically deal with plug-in errors to realize non-stop operation; It can also be easily realized for special plug-in requirements such as pin 90 degree bending element, 3.5mm non-standard pin spacing and high-density implantation.

▼ Innovative software   Simplified programming, clear interface and easy operation

Friendly operation interface, three-level authority setting, easy to deal with daily operation management such as operation command, parameter adjustment and operation information; Structured parameters can be grouped and archived independently to provide the best assistance for your production process; Industry 4.0 centralized management, SPC data statistics, MES port docking and traceability management system (optional) can be easily realized

▼ Overall dimension

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