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P450 Series Laser Marking Machine
  • P450 Series Laser Marking Machine
  • P450 Series Laser Marking Machine
P450 Series Laser Marking Machine

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High Precision CCD Vision System
Precise Coordinate Positioning & Operation Area Locking

For high- precision component traceability and marking, accurate operation area identification and positioning are particularly important. The high- precision CCD vision system we equipped for the platform can calmly meet this challenge. It brings absolutely low fault tolerance and extremely high through rate to the whole process, which is impressive. Thus, the scrap rate is greatly reduced and the cost optimization is realized.Moreover, through the correction function of the visual system, it can easily deal with the telescopic variables of special irregular parts such as FPC and shielding cover.

High Precision L aser System
Diversified Configuration & Selection

As the core element of the whole scheme, the selection of laser is undoubtedly very important. There are many kinds of lasers. Facing many options such as UV laser, green laser, CO2 laser, fiber laser and MOPA fiber, our professional team will carefully evaluate your process demand characteristics at the beginning of the project and provide you with the best scheme suggestions to ensure that all your visions can be realized.

Easily Realize Double-sided Operation Requirement

In response to more and more AB double-sided processes, we skillfully equipped the built-in flap device on the same platform, so as to easily meet the requirement that one system is compatible with two processes. While improving the operation efficiency, it also reduces the capital investment of equipment and realizes the highest productivity per unit area.

Varous Choice for Cooling System
Ensure System Long-term Operation

The structure principle of the laser determines that a certain amount of heat will be generated in the working process, and with the accumulation of time, higher temperature will affect the working efficiency of the laser. You can choose an air-cooled or water-cooled medium cooling system that can ensure the long- term stable operation of the laser to deal with this uncertain factor. So as to ensure the long-term and stable operation of the whole production and manufacturing system.

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