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External flux sprayer
  • External flux sprayer
  • External flux sprayer
  • External flux sprayer
  • External flux sprayer
External flux sprayer

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Clean independent spray system
Safer process

AlI industrial processes are facing the threat of safe production and pollution prevention, and electronic production processes are no exception. It is an important subject of production management to reliably and effectively protect and isolate the sources of easy pollution and flammability within a controllable range.

The Fluxer G2 independent spray system can effectively isolate the inflammable substances such as flux and other high temperature environments such as preheating and welding. At the same time, its unique exhaust gas residue collection device can effectively filtrate the flux residue in the process, purify the pollution of the process to the high-temperature area, maximize the cleaning efficiency of the system, keep the process dry and clean, and reduce the maintenance demand and potential safety hazards.

► Keep away from high-temperature heat sources to reduce the risk of flammability
► Independent discharge structure to improve cleanliness
► Automatic flux flling to reduce manual participation
► Intelligent selective spray (option)

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